Tips for Choosing an SSL Certificate

Your SSL certificate secures your web site, making it safe for visitors to share confidential information with you. Choosing the right SSL certificate for your business is a balance of cost, convenience, and confidence.

Considering Cost

RapidSSL offers a low price SSL solution. Using a competitor’s SSL certificate? Switch to GeoTrust and Save.

Could I lose money by paying less for SSL?

RapidSSL uses a fully automated validation process to verify control of your domain name. Higher priced SSL certificates verify the business requesting the SSL certificate with more hands-on methods than domain validation. To calculate the cost/benefit of higher priced SSL, consider how many transactions you can afford to lose due to a lack of confidence in your web site.
If you need more assurance from a brand-name SSL provider, consider GeoTrust SSL Certificates.


GeoTrust and RapidSSL issue most SSL certificates within minutes of enrollment, helping you develop and launch a secure site quickly. Our root certificate has 99+% browser recognition.

Should I buy my SSL from my web host or registrar instead?

Many hosting providers and registrars offer SSL certificates as a bundled service or an add-on. This is a convenient, easy way to secure your site. Certificate authorities such as RapidSSL, GeoTrust, and DigiCert specialize in SSL and secure technologies. When you add SSL to your package, make sure you choose a brand known as a security provider. Find an SSL Reseller.


Web site visitors know your site is secured by SSL when they see indicators in their browser window:

  • https in the URL
  • a closed padlock
  • a trust mark
When do you need a higher level of assurance?

SSL certificates, which are only domain control validated, cannot assure visitors that a web site is operated by a legitimate, verified business. The basic security indicators of SSL have been faked by fraudsters. If you are concerned about fraud and loss of customer confidence, you need an SSL certificate with verifiable trust marks such as a dynamic site seal that shows the web site owner’s information or an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate recognized by high security browsers.

If you need more assurance from a brand-name SSL provider, consider GeoTrust SSL Certificates and TrueBusinessID with Extended Validation.