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Upgrade to GeoTrust

For a limited time, when you upgrade to GeoTrust,
you’ll also get the leading TLS/SSL certificate
management platform, DigiCert® CertCentral®.




Why upgrade to GeoTrust?​

Automatic authentication and issuance processes make it fast and easy to protect your site with a leading TLS/SSL certificate from a globally recognized brand. And with DigiCert® CertCentral®, issuing, revoking, optimizing and managing your certificates is simple.

GeoTrust QuickSSL with DV

  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • Most certificates issued in minutes
  • Up to 24 SAN can be added at the same time
  • Base domain provided as free SAN
  • Fast domain validation with domain control
  • $500k USD warranty
  • 2048-bit root
  • 99% browser compatibility
  • Free TLS/SSL support
  • Free reissues
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • What is SSL?
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol for enabling data encryption on the intranet and for helping web site users confirm the owner of the web site...
    SSL is most commonly used to protect communications between web browsers and servers. However it is increasingly used for server to server communications and for web-based applications.

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  • What is encryption and why are there different levels?
    Encryption is a mathematical process of coding and decoding information. The number of bits (40-bit, 56-bit,...
    128-bit, 256-bit) tells you the size of the key. Like a longer password, a larger key has more possible combinations. When an encrypted session is established, the encryption level is determined by the capability of the web browser, SSL certificate, web server, and client computer operating system.

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  • What is domain control validation?
    RapidSSL will confirm domain control by sending an email to the administrator listed with the registrar for the...
    domain. In addition to validation by email, you will be asked to provide a telephone number where you can be reached immediately after submitting your enrollment. If everything checks out, the SSL certificate is issued.

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